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General FAQ
  • Why do I not receive any confirmation or information in my e-mail after ordering?
    • Always check the Spam category of your e-mail
Games Servers
  • What will happen if I Downgrade the server resources to lower parameters even though I have already used more disk/ram resources than the current desired parameters will allow me to use?
    • Your Server will be stopped and you will see in the server console this error: [email protected]~ Server marked as offline...
      [Pterodactyl Daemon]: Checking server disk space usage, this could take a few seconds... You will not be able to use the server.
  • Can I Change Server location on Upgrade/Downgrade Options page?
    • No. You can only change Modifications; CPU; RAM Memory; Disk Space If you need to change Server Location, create a ticket or contact support.
  • Changed My Server Modification, but nothing changed?
    • When you change the server mod, you need to reinstall the server. you can do this in the control panel in the settings section REINSTALL SERVER.
  • Upgraded my server, but in control panel, I see the same resources?
    • Refresh the Control panel page.
  • My server started lagging?
    • Check the resources used by the server in the control panel, whether the resources used in real time do not exceed the resources given to you. If you are using 80-90% of the available resources, we advise you to increase the resources.
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